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Geoff Bennett Martial Arts Kung Fu

Geoff Bennett Martial Arts Kung Fu

Geoff Bennett Martial Arts Kung Fu

Geoff Bennett Martial Arts Kung FuGeoff Bennett Martial Arts Kung Fu

Geoff Bennett Martial Arts 45 Years history

Now Geoff Bennett Martial Arts International

Master Geoff Bennett and Master Chris Paulin Spear verses Long Pole image


Geoff Bennett Martial Arts International Progressive Protection System has its origins in the Hokkien Province of China.

This style was taught to Master Ho Soon Cheng as a boy (to manhood) in his family. Master Hoalso mastered  six other traditional martial arts systems in Penang Malaysia. The most renowned was Shaolin Kung Fu.

In the early seventies Master Ho taught martial arts In Sydney while he attended the University of New South Wales. Here, he further modified his martial arts to be the Early Mixed Martial Arts or MMA, and was Called Chinese Kick Boxing it also included Boxing, Thai boxing, Wrestling, Judo, Wing Chun made Famous by the Yip Man and the Legend Bruce Lee and Aikido. One of his two closed-door  disciples  to  date  was Sifu Geoff Bennett the Other was Sifu Con Dimopoulosboth of Sydney Australia. In 1985 Sigung Ho closed his hands to martial arts and transferred leadership to Sifu Geoff Bennett.


The Progressive Protection System was further developed by adding Hung Gar Shaolin Kung Fu, Mantis, Arnis, Filipino stick and knife and other Shaolin weapons, Long Pole, Spear and Sword Forms

The Progressive Protection System is an innovative, efficient and simplistic Mixed Martial Arts system that emphasises physical strength by using high speed, reflex function and bio-mechanics. This combination 

of skills produces a sensitive and elusive fighting form with maximum impact and maximum velocity.

GBMAI has an  international  presence  in  Malaysia , Greece and Sweden it is  under the  innovative  leadership  of  Sifu Geoff Bennett. Plans for further expansion are in progress.

GBMAI and the UNSW Martial Arts club have celebrated their 40th anniversary 31st May 2014 martial arts  history self defense jeet kune do kung fu fighting

Empty Hand skills


We train  a Hybrid Martial Arts using the best of Many Systems , Karate, Shaolin , Kung Fu, Arnis ,Thai Boxing , Kick Boxing

Weapon Skills


We Train with Weapons from Asia Arnis , and Shaolin Weapons

Geoff Bennett Martial Arts martial arts history kung fu fighting

Haberfield Scouts Hall May 1974

Haberfield Scouts Hall  1st Training Hall in Australia under the leadership of Master Ho Soon Cheng

The 1st Training Hall in Sydney the hall small the energy High & the skill level of Master Ho Soon Cheng amazing 

Penang Malaysia 1983 on Penang Hill

Master Ho Soon Cheng & Master Geoff Bennett in Penang  Dec 1983

1st trip to Penang to train with Master Ho & Con  & the Top Master group in Penang

Free style Kung Fu and Advanced Tai Chi a great experience in Dec 1983. Oh! I had Hair

Con & Geoff 1979

Con Dimopoulous & Geoff Bennett a training session in the park 1979 Hybrid Kung Fu , Martial Arts

Con Dimopoulos & Geoff Bennett photo shoot after a training session in the Park 1979 Lean & Keen all Kung Fu Action

UNSW Martial Arts 1985

Kung Fu Training Session in 1985 UNSW

A Great after photo of the training group at UNSW Martial Arts Club 

Justin Crowley,Michael Valenzuela, Emilo Cesaro, Milos Kamersky, Geoff Bennett, Benard Glovosky, Master Ho Soon Cheng, Stephen Smith, Con Dimopoulos, Brighton Fong, Pardeep Jagdev, William Silvers & Roy Foley

from Left Roy Foley, Geoff Bennett, Master Ho and Con Dimopoulos


July 1985 after a Great training Session at UNSW Martial Arts Club Kung Fu Martial Arts

July 1982 training in Centennial Park Con & Ian Byrne

Kung Fu in Centennial Park 1982  Arnis with Con Dimopoulos and Ian Byrne

 A Great Kung Fu & Arnis Training Session in Centennial Park 1982

Con & Geoff Training in Centennial Park 1982

Kung Fu training in Centennial Park 1982 Arnis against Long Pole

Kung Fu in Centennial Park 1982 Geoff & Con work out with Weapons Arnis against Long Pole

David Ferrall & Colin Taylor In Centennial Park 1982

Kung Fu Sparing in Centenial Park 1982 David Farrell & Colin Taylor

Kung Fu Sparing Session in Centennial Park with David Farrell & Coiln Taylor

Con & Geoff in Penang 1983 next to Canon at Fort Cornwallis


Kung Fu in Penang 1983 Con & Geoff at Fort Cornwallis in Penang

Geoff & Lee Kim Hut in1988

Kung Fu Sparing in 1988 Geoff Bennett & Lee Kim Hut at UNSW

Kung Fu Session in UNSW 1988 with Geoff Bennett & Lee Kim Hut

Con & Geoff atop Penang Hill Penang Malaysia 1983

Kung Fu in Penang  top Masters trip 1983 atop Penang Hill Con & Geoff photo by Ho Soon Cheng

Con & Geoff in Penang 1983 Kung Fu with Ho Soon Cheng & the Top Masters Group

George Tefanis & Geoff Bennett March 2000

Greece Training trip March 2000 Kung Fu with George & Master Geoff Bennett

Training in Greece in 2000 George Tefanis & Geoff Bennett train Kung Fu in Greece