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Master Chris J Paulin


Instructor Profile: Master Chris Paulin ‘A journey of Feast or Famine’ 

Master Chris Paulin (Geoff Bennett Martial Arts International) journey through the Martial Arts has been an extreme of either  ‘Feast or Famine’. Chris born and bred in Sydney, was very interested in the Martial Arts from a very early age and leaned Judo for 18 months as an adolescent. High school and university studies hindered his engagement in the martial arts, however Chris kept active participating in football, squash, tennis and running during these famine years. 

Some fifteen years after the end of his association with Judo, Chris by then having completed his training in phycology. Chris was reintroduced to martial arts in the early 80’s by a friend, visiting a class conducted by Master Geoff Bennett, Chris was bedazzled by the feats that were performed and signed up for a journey of a lifetime, the feast had well and truly begun! Twenty-three years later, Chris now, amazes those who come to see a class conducted by him. In May 2002, Chris was graded to Master Level 1 and again in 2005 to Master level 2 by Master Bennett (Level 4) and Again in 2014 to (Master Level 3) to become the most senior instructor in Progressive Protection System taught by Master Bennett. 

Chris with his background in psychology was keen to add this dimension to PPS. Long before Tony Blauer and Paul Vunak made psychology a trendy part of a combat training, Chris had made this an important part of the PPS curriculum. 

Over the years Chris has developed a close friendship with his Master and with his encouragement trained with Masters in other systems. This odyssey to research the breadth and depth of other arts is a requirement for senior instructors to grade further. The aim is to add richness to the Progressive Protection Systems and facilitate perpetual improvement. This process had led to Chris research the arts of the South East Asian archipelago, with particular emphasis on empty hand and weapon arts of Indonesian Silat and Filipino Arnis.   

Chris was quick to test his expertise in this new system. Together with Master Bennett, Chris empirically tested his expertise in the South East Asian Arts, quickly finding out what worked and what didn’t. ‘If it works on Geoff, it will work on anyone”, Chris exclaims.  Painstakingly breaking down the components of these systems they refined techniques, using the PPS principle such as simultaneous attack and defence, quick twitch power generation and economy of movement, together with beat attack theory. They blended the weapons systems with Chinese stick and pole fighting principle to improve on an already imposing system.

Towards the end of this odyssey, a severe back injury unrelated to his martial arts training, threatened to return the famine…..permanently!  However with a lot of personal support and perseverance, Chris embarked on a rigorous rehabilitation program composing of physiotherapy, Chiropractic care and a closely supervised strengthening and stretching program developed by Master Bennett. With the support and from Master Bennett and the whole GBMAI family, Chris has made a full recovery and continues to bedazzle those who attend his classes. 

Chris’s aim is to further research the Martial Arts to aid in the evolution of PPS and growth of GBMAI. Chris is hungry as ever to pass on his knowledge and it appears the “Feast” will continue long into the future.

Master Chris Paulin who has been Training and teaching martial arts for the past 35 years

Christ interest in martial arts began as a child watching his favourite TV shows, The Samurai (starring Shintaro, the master swordsman) and Phantom Agents (another popular Japanese TV series in the 1960s). 

He also had some formal training in Judo and an intermediate Latin Dance enthusiast

  • 1982 Commenced training at University of NSW Martial Arts Club 
  • 1985 Trained under Bill SUPERFOOT Wallace Clinic.
  • 1985 Trained under Benny THE JET Urquidez Clinic.
  • 1990 Chris Paulin becomes Instructor in Australia.
  • 1991
  • 1995
  • 2002 Chris Paulin promoted to Master Level 1.  
  • 2005 Chris Paulin promoted to Master Level 2.
  • 2005 Master Chris wins Forms ( weapons categories) at Martial Arts Spectacular.
  • 2006 Promoted to Weapons Master
  • 2007
  • 2008 Accredited Level 4 personal Coach
  • 2014 Chris Paulin promoted to Master Level 3 Grade 15

Training in Martial arts also know as Kung Fu, Kick Boxing, Chinese Martial Arts, Shaolin Kung Fu, Shaolin Martial Arts, Mixed Martial Arts We have been teaching Martial Arts Mixed System or Hybrid Martial arts since the Early 70's and continuously developing and teaching the system including Martial Arts Weapons and Martial Arts Forms, Thai Boxing was also introduced along with Arnis Eskrima and Kali, Ground work, take downs Close quarter fighting

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Level 4 Personal Coach

A competent Martial artist and Coach skilled in Multiple weapons, Stick and Knife , Broad Sword, Tai Chi Sabre, Butterfly Swords, Long Pole, Spear Drunken Forms     Also a Dance Instructor in Tango, Jive, Rumba, Salsa, Cha Cha, Samba


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